Training Available for Spring 2017

  • Posted on: 10 February 2017
  • By: jbailey4

Network Services "Learn IT" Series is offering training on various subjects this spring.

Click on each link to learn more. Don't forget to register! 

Note: Some trainings offer multiple sessions.

 Learn IT: Technically Transparent

How to stay informed with Network Services

Learn IT: Kaltura 101

Life After KSUTube

Learn IT: Harnessing Classroom Technology

Making the most of classroom technology tools

Learn IT: Blackboard Series - Testing

Tests, Surveys, and Pools - Oh My!

Learn IT: Blackboard Series - Collaborate

The closest thing to a classroom you'll find online

Learn IT: Blackboard Series - Grading

Making the grade(s) - Beginner to advanced in about an hour.

Learn IT: File Storage

What is the right home for your data?

Learn IT: Do not feed the Phish!

Spot and avoid being hooked by Phish bait

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