Cyber Cafe Updates

  • Posted on: 10 October 2016
  • By: zbrindle

The Cyber Cafe now features Dell Optiplex 7440 workstations, personal device pods, and track lighting.

These workstations are a major upgrade from the workstations that were previously in use in this location. Some of the noticeable features are the sixth generation Intel I7 quad core processor for faster computing, the 23.8" WLED 4K ULtra HD display, and lightning fast PCIe NVMe Class 40 SSDs for immediate responses from the workstation when launching applications and reading / writing data.

The workstations are also secured to the Cyber Cafe pods on mounts that are adjustable to fit every user's needs when utilizing a workstation. This is a great feature for the user's as they can adjust the workstations for their comfort.

Two pods have been transformed in to personal device pods. This was implemented to allow students to utilize their own device and have space on campus to work comfortably with their devices. The pods also include power outlets on top of the desk with built in USB ports for charging mobile devices quickly.

Track lighting is now in use to give a warmer feel in the cafe instead of the bright fluorescent lighting. This is a welcome change to turn the area in to a relaxing environment for hanging out, studying, or just about any other activity.

Stop by the Cyber Cafe today and check out what has changed!