What’s New?!

Welcome to the new support portal! Network Services is pleased to present the new and improved support.tusc.kent.edu. The look and feel are similar to the old site, so what’s new, exactly?


First and foremost, it’s built on a different Content Management System (CMS). This was our primary reason for the change. While the old CMS was powerful and familiar, it was generally best for organizations where a team could manage just the CMS, while others managed content. Stylistic page adjustments took loads of time, and blog posts and calendar events took longer than we would’ve liked. While there were plugins to achieve many tasks, their implementation was clunky, and some required custom coding to work properly. The new platform will allow us to stay on top of content updates much more easily.  The visual improvements to the site should be pretty clear and were accomplished in much less time than it took to build the previous site. The new site is also fully responsive, so it should work equally well on all of your devices.


The new calendar offers a cleaner view with the ability to hover over an event and preview it. The RSVP system allows you to see how many seats are available and register for events and trainings. The new calendar also includes multiple view options and the ability to search for events, which are also categorized and tagged.


The LearnIT page combines the previous Educational Technology page with the video/training page which we had been planning and testing. At the top, you will find a selection of video galleries which are categorized into tabs. Below that are links to resources and information about various technologies that are used on campus. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a filtered list of recent blog entries and upcoming events which are directly related to our training initiatives.

Let us know what you think! If you have any questions or problems with the site, let us know that as well. We hope that these changes will offer a better experience for everyone.